Forest: Another fun spot-the-differences activity for seniors!
Forest: Another fun spot-the-differences activity for seniors!

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Clive 20th Sep 2021 Co-Ordinator
We are re-starting ( after a year and a half due to covid) our Vintage Banquet for the over 60s and one activity they really enjoy is spot the difference, but from what I'm seeing, the drawings have not been updated since last year and they're the same or is it that I'm looking in the wrong section of your site.
Please help-Thanks.

Regards from Kingston Upon Thames-London
Talita 21st Sep 2021
Hi Clive, I don't think we've added new spot the differences in a while, we can certainly do this for you. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime you can access the full range that we have here:
Natalie 3rd Oct 2017 Day Respite Coordinator and assistant
Your site is amazing, for adults of many ages and abilities. I have used it with my students in Leisure and Health, and my clients in day respite. Your resources are great. Thanks so much.
Talita 3rd Oct 2017
Natalie thank you so much for your feedback, we appreciate it so much!!