We're big fans of scavenger hunts at our facility—they're simple to organize and encourage residents to stay active!  I make sure to hang up the pictures early in the morning so that when residents receive their worksheets, they're all set to start searching. It's a routine we follow for nearly every holiday, making it easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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Susan 13th Nov 2023 Activity Director
Hi Chrissy
You can do this any way you want it you could hang up one of each or multiples of each
You can give everyone a list
Depending on what you do
You Can give one prize or multiple prizes
Chrissy 12th Nov 2023 Activity Coordinator
Ok I’m brand new, like just signed up. I’m trying to figure out this scavenger hunt works. Do you print out like 30 sheets of each item they are suppose to find, then they bring you back the worksheet for each item? Or do you tape a picture of one of the items say by the water fountain. Then they come and tell you they found the picture by the water fountain? Hope that makes sense,
Tricia 26th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Is there a scavenger hunt one for Easter or spring?
Talita 18th Mar 2022
I just love this one! Thank you for sharing Abygale!