St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. His life is shrouded in legend.

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annette 16th Mar 2015 age care
hi every one I used shamrock different sizes turned in to broach, different colours papper. stuck with thick foam double tape, got broach pins clued pins( used heat gun,) different colour green orange etc any colour , some clients use same colour,
sorry forgot take photo. cheers

lynnette 25th Feb 2010 Recreational Activities Offer
Hi all, At my nursing home we have a monthly Theme "Happy Hour" activity, Last year we did a "Paddy's Bar & Grill" banner,decorated with all things Irish including the Irish flag,played Irish music told Irish jokes & limricks,served the drinks,chips,dips ect. we encouraged green to be worn by Staff & Residents. We will do this again as it went off so well. Cheers Lynnette