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Sandy 11th Mar 2016
Hi Dee
Sorry, I just saw your question re whiteboard games. I have just posted "hangman" which is a fun whiteboard game. Another oldie but a goodie is scattegories. Choose a word, for eg. MARCH, & have the clients come up with - girls & boys names starting with each letter
- M-A-R-C-H, then if still interested, can include other categories such as countries, cities, professions, food etc that start with each letter. Cheers, Sandy
Margaret 13th Feb 2016
this looks great thank you !
Amanda 12th Mar 2014
Thankyou Sandy, I will try this tomorrow.
Shirley 10th Mar 2014
I'm looking forward to using this Activity - Thank you - Shirley NSW
Sandy 22nd Feb 2014
Just read my instructions, in case its unclear, write the first word of the "triplet series" in the first leaf of the shamrock & as the members guess the other 2 words, write each in a separate leaf of the 3-leafed shamrock. Have fun, Sandy.
Johnette 21st Feb 2014
This will be a great activity.... thank you!
Sandy 16th Feb 2014
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: St Patrick's Whiteboard game
Dee 6th Feb 2016
Hi there,

Are there any more white board games as my residents just love playing. I have a few of my own.