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Clive 7th Feb 2017
I co-ordinate the Vintage Banquet in Kingston Upon Thames for the over 60s and depending on how difficult the quiz is then I either :
Give a copy to each guest
Give a copy to 2 guests to work together
Give a copy to teams of 4 or 6s depending on the size of the group.
Always set a relaxed time limit, again avoiding putting their backs against the wall.

Personally, I avoid a guest being quizzed on questions that he/she are uncomfortable with, remember it's a game not homework !!!
Talita 9th Feb 2017
Thanks for your feedback Clive, love these ideas.
Kim 20th May 2014
Hi Lisa,Kim from Bundaberg Qld.,I usually have a group activity where i call out the questions and anyone can answer.Some people answer everything and i try to take answers from different parts of the room.I found that a lot of residents felt embarrassed or intimidated to answer on their own in case they were wrong.Wrong or right make it fun and use verbal or action clues if need be.Good luck with it,have fun and you will reap the benifits.
Lisa 13th May 2014
Hi, I am a newbie here and was just wondering how you all present these quizzes? Do you write them up on a board or just call them out? do you score??

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