The Importance of Political Correctness in Senior Care

The Importance of Political Correctness in Senior Care

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Our word choices when providing care is extremely important. Becoming more mindful of how we phrase and even reference caregiving acts is an essential change in the culture of care homes. 

The culture of senior care has evolved over the past few decades, and while senior care has generally developed into a safe space for older adults, there are still aspects of care that require our attention.

In this article we cover:

  • General Care and Health Vocabulary
  • Terms of Endearment
  • Names Versus Room Numbers
  • Mindful Caregiving

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Nancy 19th Apr 2023 Resident Services Director
Well written and so true, names mean a lot! Thanks
Talita 24th Apr 2023
Thanks so much for your feedback Nancy x
Myrna 19th Apr 2023 Advocate
Have a look at 'flipping stigma' for hints and real audio and video to help caregivers, people living with dementia and health services
Talita 24th Apr 2023
Thank you Myrna
Shannon 24th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Very helpful
Talita 29th Jul 2019
Thanks for your feedback Shannon