How many do you remember? A fun reminiscing quiz for seniors, suitable for people living with dementia.

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Kelly 22nd May 2017
Is there a similar game, with pictures?
Solange 22nd May 2017
Hi Kelly, thank you for your feedback. There will be 'Things that Go Together" with pictures soon. We are working on it. Cheers.
Tracey 13th May 2017
Absolutely fabulous ! I luv everything about goldencarers :) thankyou x
Talita 15th May 2017
Thank you so much Tracey! Your feedback is very much appreciated.
Beatriz 14th Mar 2017
.I hope they enjoy, my group is the different stage so sometimes just one person is interesting, and then I need to make little group with different activities.

But all your ideas are really helpful and great.