Travel Bingo

Travel Bingo

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A 'Travel' themed bingo game!

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Ann 17th Sep 2019 Activities Co Ordinator
Our residents really enjoyed travel bingo it then lead onto the places they had visited.
Susan 9th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Hawaii is a fun place to visit for an imagination vacation
Don’t forget to get some Leis

We always pretend to do the hula
Here are some other great ideas on golden Carers
Thank you Catalina
Catalina M 8th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Dear Golden Carers;
Thank you for all yours suggestion to keep our residents full of energy of enthusiast will share their places where they had been
Hawaii is one of the most places they had visiting
Ways to play and have fun
set the table\
trivia before we go to a nice vacation
background Hawaiian music
Hawaiian snacks
and let's go to Hawaii