A Halloween themed bingo to enjoy!

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Alex 3rd Nov 2023 Activities Coordinator
We had a great time with Halloween Bingo this week! The group was very taken with the cute pictures. Thanks for creating these resources, Sara.
Eileen 28th Sep 2022 Recreation Manager
I call regular bingo and to break it up a bit I use your bingo picture games. My residents love it and look forward to it.
Talita 3rd Oct 2022
Thanks for your feedback Eileen! Sara makes amazing picture games!
Darlene 27th Oct 2021 Activities Director
This looks like a great game. Let me get this right though....you call the cards until someone gets 4 in a row either across, down or diagonally. Is this correct? I will probably have about 25 players. How long do you think this game will last with that many players? Just trying to fill my time accordingly. Thanks for all the great ideas!
Valerie 20th Aug 2021 Activity Coordinator
Just a wonderful idea!
Jun 1st Nov 2018 Lead Activity Assistant
This was a great bingo game, we just played it today & everybody loves it!
Thanks for posting it!
Kath 28th Oct 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
I am planning to play Halloween bingo with my residents and I thought that if they get a line I could have a box with different gifts wrapped up individually which they can choose, It will be a trick or treat box which will be just for fun. would like to say thank you to golden carers you all give us so much information and ideas.
Elaine 16th Oct 2018 Activity Coordinator
I printed this off last week and laminated the cards. I have to say it really was a great success. Some of my residents can manage the picture games much better than ones with numbers. It made a great talking point afterwards. We will be playing this throughout October. It was fab!
Julie 12th Oct 2018 Lec
How are you suppose to play it??
Talita 12th Oct 2018
Hi Julie, if you print off this game you will see that the last pages contain the calling cards that you should use instead of numbers. You don't need bingo balls for this game, just use the cards provided.
Angie 10th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator
Ive dowloaded the Halloween Bingo for our residents . I have a few regular bingo players. Im sure your picture halloween version will enable more to join in .
Thank you so much Sara
Meagan 10th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for this!!
Mandy 9th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator
I am going to play Halloween Bingo with my residents. They love Bingo, so this will be different for them. Also printed the Halloween quizzes too. Some great ideas so glad I joined! It is hard at times to find different activities to do that residents will enjoy! Thank you!
Talita 15th Oct 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Mandy!
Talita 4th Oct 2018
Thank you Sara! Another beautiful Bingo game!