My residents loved this activity, It was a great way to get them all thinking of what they are thankful for, even during the toughest of times! Plus, the tree looks beautiful in our facility for fall!

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Crystal 10th Nov 2023 Activities Director
We made our tree today doing happy hour, and the residents really enjoyed it. It made for great conversations with some very positive moments of joy! Thanks so much for sharing.
Susan 12th Nov 2023 Activity Director
Hi Crystal
Thanks for sharing this with us
Bernadette 20th Aug 2023 Activity Director
The residents will like this idea. Very informative. Thanks
Rhonda 19th Oct 2022 Activity Director
I love this so much! I am going to try this out at my facility.
Rob 12th Nov 2020 Diversional Therapist
Thanks Lauren - will give this a go!