A fun quiz for seniors that leads to discussion and reminiscing!

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Susan 25th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Thank you Bev for sharing this
Thank you to all who have expressed kind words
They are much appreciated
Linda 25th Apr 2021 Virtual Programer
I LOVE these new Play Quizzes. How do I save them to put on my Zoom screen at a later date for clients to see?
I've tried a few things, but can't seem to make anything work......
Maurice 26th Apr 2021
Hi Linda!

Thank you for the feedback - we've got lots more in store this year :)

All you need to do is open the Play Quiz game you'd like to use on the Zoom call, you can either save that link for the call, or save the Actiivty so you can find it when you're on the call.

To use it - you just share you screen while on the zoom call.

Hope that helps - let me know how it goes!

Lisa 7th Nov 2018 Activities for Seniors
They LOVE THIS! Can't wait to get more if possible.

Lisa 4th Nov 2018 Activities for Seniors
Thanks! We'll see how this one goes!