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Gail 17th Feb 2021 Activities Coordinator For Activities With Group Of Residents That Are Suffering Dementia At Different Levels
Very challenge activity, good for the brain! Even mine very informative
Talita 22nd Feb 2021
Thanks for your feedback Gail! Yes this is definitely a challenging activity!
Glenn 25th Oct 2020 Activities Staff
This is nice. But it would better if there’s descriptions of each person. Would be easier. Thanks!
Talita 30th Oct 2020
Thanks for your feedback Glenn! We will revise this activity as per your suggestion, great idea!
Margaret Ruby 15th Jul 2019 Activity Co.Oridinator
This site is AMAZING, so glad I've joined it, it will help me with ideas in my job, and make the residents happier still. Thanks guys
Susan 15th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Glad this site is helpful to you and your residents

For those in the United States Labor Day is coming up in September and these activities would be good for that
something to keep in mind
Talita 15th Jul 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Margaret!
Jackie 5th Jun 2019 Director
Brilliant activity makes my job so much easier. Thank you.
Talita 10th Jun 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Jackie!