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Latoya 25th Aug 2020 Activity Program Manager
My residents love this but we prefer the other format instead of the powerpoint style
Jodie 27th Apr 2020 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
Thanks for sharing. We have been doing this in the garden every morning after walking group
Lauren 23rd Sep 2019
this was brilliant really enjoyable and residents really enjoyed thank you
Talita 30th Sep 2019
Thanks for your feedback Lauren! We will follow Carole's lead and get some birthday bios up for October shortly!
Talita 23rd Sep 2019
Thanks for your feedback Wendy!
Susan 18th Sep 2019 Activity Director
These are great Carole
Wendy 17th Sep 2019 Recreation Director
My residents loved this! They were interesting and the answers were achievable with the great clues given. We look forward to an October birthday special.