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Activities - Bedingfeld Park Inc 11th Jun 2016 Aged Care
Thank you for sharing, this is something we will have fun with for sure :)
Cathy 7th Jan 2015 Special Care Counsellor
Here's an idea for a no-fail method that has always worked out beautifully.
- Tape down a piece of paper leaving whatever amount you want of it exposed
- Have the person choose color(s) of paint & encourage them to paint all over the exposed can use brushes, sponges, etc./ long strokes, dabs etc...whatever they want/ are able to.
-While it is drying, have the person choose a pre-cut shape of a leaf
-After the paper has dried, place the leaf shape over the painted section, trace & then cut out.
I then usually glue it to a black background & laminate it.
It's great to see someone proud of their work!
Lori 31st Oct 2017 Activity
What a good idea