A Day at the Office Bingo

A Day at the Office Bingo

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16 different picture bingo cards, calling cards start on page 17. Enjoy!

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Linda 9th May 2023 Allied Health Assistant
Thank you - these are so perfect.
George 11th Feb 2023 Majestic Entertainer
Hi Rosemarie.
When you printed the cards with 16 photos on what size of card did you use.?
George 31st Jan 2023 Majestic Entertainer
Just wanted to know if you laminated the 16 bingo cards and gave dry wipe marker to the players then you could wipe and use again .
Please let me know what you people think..?
Susan 4th Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi George
Sounds like a great idea. If you have time to do it.
Rosemarie 8th Feb 2023 Retired Volunteer
Yes I laminated my game and many others so that they can be used over and over again. I first mounted the individual pictures ( 16 per card) on card, out lined the pictures in a grid effect the laminated the whole card. I used the name of the bingo game eg. Royal Bingo, Film Star Bingo, Dog Bingo etc.. on the top of each card. I also bought some wax pencils that could be easily rubbed off at the end of the game. Hope this is helpful to you. The bingo games that I have made up so far are very much enjoyed. Thank you goldencarers.
Rebecca 19th Jan 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator Resthaven PTE
Your Bingo activities are great Sara. Would you be willing to share the Bingo generator/template that you use? I would love to contribute to this site and have had a few requests / ideas from our residents. Much appreciated!
Sara 20th Jan 2022 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator
I actually don't use a generator, I do it manually using Microsoft publisher. I'll share my template here, the first 16 pages are the bingo cards and starting on page 17 is where I put all the images for the calling cards. If you have any other questions let me know!
Talita 20th Jan 2022
Hi Rebecca, I agree that Sara's bingo games are beautiful!
I'm not sure if you're aware but there is a bingo generator on Golden Carers.

If you want to try it out, go to the quiz page and select 'create quiz' and choose type 'bingo'.

It will automtically generate the bingo pages and calling cards for you.

Here is one created by another member recently:

You can then print the bingo game or select the 'play' option to use the automatic bingo caller.

Any questions, let me know!
Joan 1st Sep 2021 Retired
Would someone please explain how to play this game. A Day at the Office. I’m new to this site and am unsure what to do.
Susan 2nd Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Joan
Press download and print
Depending on which program you have print all of the pages
Page 17 and beyond are calling cards so you hand out 16 of the cardsand then page 17 and beyond you use like calling numbers for regular bingo
If you need to you can print more than one copy of one through 16 depending on the size group you have
Also you can use the pictures for other purposes if you want
Susan 11th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Sara
I love these creative bingo games you make
You can use them in so many ways besides playing bingo
Thank you
Talita 11th Aug 2021
Absolutely love your bingo games Sara, thanks for sharing!