Create and print your own quizzes and save them for future use! Delight your residents with quizzes based on their interests and background!

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Vinod 24th Jan 2023 Warden
Thank You
Talita 30th Jan 2023
All the best Vinod!
Jo 1st Jan 2022 Activity Coordinator
Hi I just wanted to say thank you for this brilliant resource of being able to create your own quizzes.

I work with advanced dementia residents and one of the best things we can use are visual imagery they can look at. Being able to add pictures to the quizzes and enlarge the size of the picture and font means I can cater to our residents needs as some have poor vision. This will save me so much time and effort in creating low cost activities that will be loved by our residents.
Susan 1st Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Jo
Thanks for sharing the way you use this and thanks for your kind words
It sounds like you really care about your residents which is so important thank you again
Maurice 4th Jan 2022
Thank you so much Jo, that is such a lovely thing to hear, and well done to you, your residents are lucky to have you.
KAREN 12th Aug 2021 Co-Ordinator - Semi Retired
One Word BRILLIANT!!!!!
Talita 15th Aug 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Karen!
Maria 23rd Jul 2021 Community Support Worker
Love it!!!! Great idea .TY
Talita 26th Jul 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Maria!
Susan 19th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Cristi
Thank you for this information
Lesleah 18th Mar 2021 Christian Science Nurse
We love that we can personalize any of the quizzes you have added this feature to!
One example: We've taken your Proverbs Quiz(zes) and made them into a Create-Your-Own-Proverb kind of activity (because we can now add our own instructions without having to type the whole quiz over ourselves.) This gets our residents laughing at the bulletin board where these are posted. In other quizzes, where needed, being able to personalize means we can also "American-ize" any of the different quiz questions that may be less familiar to our residents. ;-)

Talita 18th Mar 2021
Oh this is so good to hear, thank you so much for your feedback! Yes it certainly makes it easier to adjust quizzes to ensure they are relevant to your residents!
Denise 11th Feb 2021 Life Enrichment Director
This is a great program. Thank you.
Robert 20th Jun 2020 Activities Manager
What is the benefit of this feature? It could be typed out in Word just the same.
Susan 21st Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Robert
You are right you could do this with Word
But this seems easier and faster especially for those who are not that technologically advanced
Thanks for sharing
Maurice 3rd Feb 2021
Hi Robert!

We have some really unique features that will be added to this Quiz Builder this month. It will be much more than anything you can do in Word :)
April 21st Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator
I absolutely love this, we have a weekly quiz which the residents love
Talita 24th Feb 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback April!
Julie 11th Feb 2020 Activity Officer
Great idea. Our community receive a news paper once a week. I make a 10 questions quiz from the paper of the week. The residents need to have a read of the newspaper prior to the quiz, works great in ways.

We can have the quiz as a group activity or I give out the quiz so the residents can look for the answers in the newspaper at their leisure and then go through the answers together at the next group quiz session.
Susan 11th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for this information Julie
Kirsty 6th Jan 2021
That's a great idea
Wolfeton 29th Dec 2019 Residential Home
Great way of being able to link questions to specific interests.
Talita 30th Dec 2019
Yes! Great for making very personalized quizzes.
KAREN 24th Nov 2019 Co-Ordinator - Semi Retired
Thank you what a great idea
Talita 25th Nov 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Karen!
Traci 19th Nov 2019 Activities Director
Awesome! TY!
Talita 21st Nov 2019
Thanks Traci!