Create and print your own quizzes and save them for future use! Delight your residents with quizzes based on their interests and background!

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Robert 20th Jun 2020 Activities Manager
What is the benefit of this feature? It could be typed out in Word just the same.
Susan 21st Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Robert
You are right you could do this with Word
But this seems easier and faster especially for those who are not that technologically advanced
Thanks for sharing
April 21st Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator
I absolutely love this, we have a weekly quiz which the residents love
Talita 24th Feb 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback April!
Julie 11th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist
Great idea. Our community receive a news paper once a week. I make a 10 questions quiz from the paper of the week. The residents need to have a read of the newspaper prior to the quiz, works great in ways.

We can have the quiz as a group activity or I give out the quiz so the residents can look for the answers in the newspaper at their leisure and then go through the answers together at the next group quiz session.
Susan 11th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for this information Julie
Wolfeton 29th Dec 2019 Residential Home
Great way of being able to link questions to specific interests.
Talita 30th Dec 2019
Yes! Great for making very personalized quizzes.
KAREN 24th Nov 2019 Co-Ordinator - Semi Retired
Thank you what a great idea
Talita 25th Nov 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Karen!
Traci 19th Nov 2019 Activities Director
Awesome! TY!
Talita 21st Nov 2019
Thanks Traci!