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Tracey 4th Jan 2019 Activity Coordinator
During November and December our residents enjoyed two local playgroups come to visit, bringing gifts and enjoying games. One playgroup wanted their little ones to understand the consept of giving during th season instead of receiving.
The local town choir came to sing xmas songs/carols.
3 primary schools came and sang for our residents and entertained us all with their scenes from their xmas plays.
Talita 5th Jan 2019
Wow, what a lovely experience for your residents Tracey!
Your Health 31st Oct 2018 Care
We also have the children from our local school visit on Monday's. The residents look forward to sharing their life experiences and assisting each other to participate in enjoyable activities. Our home is full of fun and laughter which is evident long after the children have
returned to school. We have enjoyed visiting the school for lunch and watching the children participate in the Harvest festival, they truly have enriched our lives!
Restvale 29th Oct 2018 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator
We have arranged with our local schools to visit on regular occasions. The children play games and read with the Residents. They also offer end of term performances and special plays, especially end of year Christmas performances. The Residents love it and it keeps them connected to their community.
Deb 23rd Oct 2018 lifestyle co-ordinator
we have one of our local primary schools coming to our facility and they do knitting and reading with our residents had by all