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Owen 23rd Oct 2019 Retired
I say again that Soccer is one of many forms of football or footy, just as American football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, and others are. Actually those responsible for insisting that football is Soccer are correct but to rename Soccer as Football only are misusing the word. Let's all call the game Soccer and avoid the confusion with the other forms of Football
Maria 22nd Oct 2019 Activity Director
I'm in the US and a former soccer player. I was surprised and pleased at how many of my seniors (all female and 80 plus) knew the difference between the soccer and football phrases! Who says sports are just for men!
Talita 28th Oct 2019
This is awesome Maria! Who would have expected that!
Owen 9th Sep 2019 Retired
In New Zealand Soccer is Association Football and Football is Rugby (Union), Rugger or Footy. Other games of football are Rugby League, American Football or Gridiron, Sevens (in Rugby Union), and a number of other variations in some sports. But Football has always meant Soccer.