Car Mechanic's Workshop: the men will appreciate this one! This is a fun and relaxing activity for seniors.

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Sheila 22nd Mar 2022 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Thank you the residents love this activity
Melisa 26th Nov 2017 Activity Director
I've changed up on some of the things due to higher and lower functions. However have been able to use most of the trivia in assisted living
Talita 26th Nov 2017
That's lovely to hear, thanks for your feedback Melisa!
Anthony 10th Nov 2016 Leisure and Lifestyle Officer
This will be an ideal game for the men today in our Gentlemen's Group. Thanks!
Talita 14th Nov 2016
Thanks for your feedback Anthony, much appreciated!
Elma 6th Nov 2016 Activities/recreation co-ordinator
My residents find it too difficult. Sorry.
Talita 7th Nov 2016
Sorry to hear Elma, hopefully the next one will be better for your residents.
Wendy 3rd Nov 2016 Student
That's fantastic we are always searching for something to do with the gentlemen they are going to love this activity
Talita 7th Nov 2016
Thanks for your feedback Wendy!