Here is an animal-themed bingo game to enjoy!

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Sandy 5th Mar 2023 Support Worker
I did my first picture bingo with my residents yesterday and it was a total success
Lori 14th May 2021 Activity
What do the things under the bingo mean a3 a4 Tabloid what do those things mean
Susan 15th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Lori
These things refer to the size paper that you might want to print on
Josephine 9th May 2021 Activity Coordinator
Brillant, music Bingo is also great
Jean 4th May 2021 Activities Coordinator
Thanks for all the picture Bingo. I do a couple of rounds with regular bingo and then as the residents begin to get 'tired' we break for tea then do a round of picture bingo before breaking for the day.
Talita 4th May 2021
Love this new bingo Sara! Thanks so much!