10+ animal jokes to make you laugh! What did mama lion say when she saw her cub chasing a hunter around a tree? Stop playing with your food!

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Susan 19th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hey Mimi
Welcome to golden Carers and thank you for your kind words
I can't believe you have so much activities to offer! Thank You Golden Carers! It was fun making copies and share them to my residents and activity staff. This is MIMI from Bakersfield, California. I'm a new member to Golden Carers.
Debbylynn 9th Sep 2018 Activity Assistant
Thank you for the animal jokes this month, my residents LAUGHED at every one I read to them!
Talita 17th Sep 2018
This is so great to hear Debbylynn! They made me giggle too, Thanks for the feedback x