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Maria 28th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Excellent idea!!!
Tracey 20th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator
love this , as we do a cruise ship travel but at times stuck for constant various ideas
Jean 19th Aug 2018 Activities Provider
I am in the early stages of planning this activity so many thanks for any comments that are made that make a contribution to my final product.
D'Ayrne 14th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
We love armchair travel! Our last trip was to Switzerland which was on one of our resident's "bucket list". We started with a 40 minute Youtube travel video, followed by some fun facts then finished off with sharing around some Swiz chocolate!
Jessica 7th Aug 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Arm Chair Travel