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Susan 5th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Here are some PowerPoint presentations
Paraskevi 4th Jul 2020 Lifestyle And Leisure Coordinator
Do you do power point presentations?
Darla 2nd Apr 2020 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)
Any idea how to download You Tube Travel Videos to external harddrive?
We do not have internet access at work.
Would appreciate all thoughts and ideas.
Maurice 6th Apr 2020
Hi Darla,

Whether it's legal or not I am not sure, but it is possible by Googling "Download Youtube Video". Lots of sites let you enter the link and download it directly for you, like keepvid.

Hope that helps! :)
Maria 28th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Excellent idea!!!
Tracey 20th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator
love this , as we do a cruise ship travel but at times stuck for constant various ideas
Jean 19th Aug 2018 Activities Provider
I am in the early stages of planning this activity so many thanks for any comments that are made that make a contribution to my final product.
D'Ayrne 14th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
We love armchair travel! Our last trip was to Switzerland which was on one of our resident's "bucket list". We started with a 40 minute Youtube travel video, followed by some fun facts then finished off with sharing around some Swiz chocolate!
Jessica 7th Aug 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Arm Chair Travel