This comprehensive armchair travel activity includes everything you need for a full day of travel to BRAZIL! Fact files, trivia, quizzes, music, food, posters, craft and  more! We hope you enjoy the BRAZIL travelog!
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Brazil! A captivating country of powdery white-sand beaches, verdant rainforests and wild, rhythm-filled metropolises.

Planning the Session

  1. Choose a date and advertise the session for good attendance. Brazil’s Independence Day is September 7th, and Carnival takes place in February ech year between the Friday afternoon before Ash Wednesday and Ash Wednesday. But choose any day that suits!
  2. Organize a comfortable room with a large TV for the occasion
  3. Print out passports and boarding passes for residents to add to the fun
  4. Make decorations: Brazilian bunting and flags, posters etc.
  5. Organise to dress up! The traditional Baiana costume is composed of a white or coloured gathered skirt, a colourful shall or a lace top and head turban decorated with flowers or fruit! Plus necklaces and earrings.
    Carnival Masquerade Masks (Golden Carers) are another option.
  6. Ask your Chef to provide some Brazilian themed food:
    Snacks Lunch
    • The national dish of Brazil is ‘Feijoada’, black beans with different kinds of meat. Ask your Chef to make his version of Feijoada.
    • Churrasco - Brazilian BBQ served with corn on the cob, ‘queijo coalho’ on the stick (a type of cheese on a stick - halloumi is a good substitute), black beans, rice and vinaigrette salad.

Sample Program (3.5+ hours)

1. Welcome

Set the mood by playing background Brazilian music as guests arrive.
En La Fusa (YouTube)
Brasileiro (YouTube)
Alternatively, search Spotify for Zeca Pagodinho
Seat residents comfortably and welcome them. Hand out passports and boarding tickets.
5 - 10 minutes

2. Introduce

Announce your destination and read out some fun facts about Brazil.
Encourage conversation, ask residents to share what else they know about Brazil.
Brazilian Fact File (Golden Carers)
10 - 15 minutes

3. Serve Drinks

If possible, serve the most popular soda in Brazil ‘Guaraná’ (Gua-ra-NAH) - more popular than coca-cola! You may purchase it from international stores. Alternatively, serve the usual hot and cold beverages .
10 - 15 minutes

4. Enjoy a Quiz & Some Trivia

Brazil Quiz (Golden Carers)
18 Snippets of Brazilian Trivia (Golden Carers)
15 - 20 minutes

5. Watch First Video

A Visit to Brazil (YouTube) - 50 minutes
At the end of the videos, allow residents to comment.
1 hour

6. Dancing Demonstration

Brazilian music encompasses various regional styles influenced by African, European, and the indigenous population.
Brazilian Wedding Party (YouTube) - 4 minutes
Northern Brazil Folk dance 'Frevo' (YouTube) - 4 minutes
Capoeira - Brazil’s peaceful War Dance (YouTube) - 4 minutes
Carmen Miranda, Tic-Tac (YouTube) - 3 minutes.
Many residents will remember Carmen Miranda, a star of the 1940s and 1950s .
20 minutes

7. Share Experiences

If any of your residents visited Brazil in the past; invite them to share their experiences with their peers!
20 minutes

8. Watch Two More Short Videos

Top Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro (YouTube) - 9 minutes
Southern Brazil (YouTube) - 5 minutes
At the end of the videos, allow residents to comment.
40 minutes

9. Serve Food

Serve the Brazilian food prepared by your chef.
20 minutes

Ask which country would they like to visit next!
Thank the residents and invite them along to the next scheduled Armchair Travel.

Happy Travels!

The above Armchair Travel will last a good three hours or more. You may stop there, but you could also extend the session into lunch/dinner or turn it into an all-day Theme Day event!

Extending the Session

Extend the session by handling each resident a copy of the following to do at their leisure.



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Christina 30th Apr 2021 Recreation Progammer
I have been having fun with these trips! Thank you!
Talita 10th May 2021
Thank you so much for your feedback Christina!
Holly 2nd Mar 2021 Resident Assistant
Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to this website.
We have just had our first armchair travel, the residents enjoyed it very much, and asking when and where is the next one. With all your resources it was easy to organize. They loved the passports and boarding pass.
Susan 3rd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Holly
Your kind words are truly appreciated Thank you
Laurie 19th Sep 2020 Activities Manager
Did this on Wed and our residents loved it :)
Thank you !!!
Talita 19th Sep 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Laurie!
Jane 15th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Your Armchair Travels are excellent! Thank you for such great quality. We look forward to learning about and experiencing each country. Please keep them coming!
Talita 15th Aug 2020
Thank you so much Jane! This means so much to us! We will continue to release new segments monthly, I'm sure we will never run out of fabulous destinations!
Nasrin 14th Aug 2020 Lifestyle
Thank you so much . Residents love to travel in different countries. Its worth it.
Talita 15th Aug 2020
Thank you for your feedback Nasrin!
Sarah 12th Aug 2020 Home Manager
This is fab-thank you, somewhere else we can visit
Talita 15th Aug 2020
Thank you Sarah x
Jean 8th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
Thank You for this, we can afford to do a trip every month.
Talita 15th Aug 2020
Thank you Jean, this is so good to hear x
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