From which countries did these items of clothing originate? Sari, Moccasins, Poncho and more...

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Rosemarie 6th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist
Had some fun with this today. the few easy ones kept their interest.
Talita 12th Aug 2019
Thanks for your feedback Rosemarie!
Marie 11th Mar 2018 Activities
This is a Great way to engage residents on a Saturday morning group gathering. I made some changes and the residents were reminiscing and storytelling about the outfits. Thank You.
Talita 17th Mar 2018
Thanks for your feedback Marie!
Joanne 17th Jan 2011 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I actually had pictures of the outfits...if you have the series Never Too Old To Learn there is a game called "Where in the World", I downloaded pictures from the internet and handed these around..a great conversation piece after the game...I work in Highcare.
lynnette 13th May 2010 Recreational Activities Offer
Hi, Thanks for this information I wrote this up on a white board & left it in view.The following day I started gaining the answers,Then I allowed the activity to take a twist, a new man who had been antisocial spoke up & stated he had been to "that country" so we then has a discussion regards his travels, he open right up & returned after lunch when we finished the activity. I did need to give other clues for most of the answers but I would class it as sucessfull on multi levels. Cheers Lynnette
dianne 18th Oct 2009
I work in High Care only a couple of my residents could work some of them out. With prompting from myself. Dianne