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Leonie 30th Dec 2014
Thanks for the wonderful idea filling in for a few weeks this activity will be great
Janelle 21st Jan 2014
Thank you for your great ideas, so useful and encouraging. This keeps me wanting to do better and not stuck trying just to think of things. You are a blessing to me and the residents including the volunteers! :)
Shirley 16th Jan 2012
Thankyou for the Australia Day Book Marks, Residents and I have had a lovely time together making them. Shirley NSW
matylda 30th Dec 2011
what a great activity ,I will try it with my
residents.Iam sure
they will look beautiful .Matylda
Solange 9th Jan 2011
Great idea Marilyn, thank you. I might do one and place a photo on the website for our colleagues to see how lovely they look.
Marilyn 9th Jan 2011
These can also be made from collected Australian leaves, flowers etc and laminated. Take your residents for a walk, have someone carry a basket (particularly good for those with sight impairments, dementia, or in wheelchairs)and either you or others "collect" the items residents point out for you. A good way to awaken the senses, and another lovely way to celebrate all things Australian. Take them back and use them as above....
judy 12th Jan 2010
So glad I joined up to your very useful and fun site! thanks - Judy nsw

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