Baking themed picture bingo game. When a resident calls bingo I ask them what their favorite thing to bake is (or favorite baked treat to eat) before I give them a prize.  Great way to reminisce while playing a game. Enjoy!

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Emma 13th Feb 2021 Therapy Assistant
My residents in our women’s dementia wing love the visual bingo, they currently have the baking, under the sea and beach ones. They don’t want bingo to end now!!
Talita 22nd Feb 2021
That's so great to hear Emma! Thanks for your feedback x
Ligaya 24th Sep 2019 Work In An Activity Center
The elderly loved all the bingo games. I printed and laminated:)
Janet 24th Sep 2019 Coordinator, Adult Day Center
This is a great Bingo game Sara ... Thanks - I'm looking forward to using it on a day when I have just the ladies!
Paula 20th Sep 2019 Registered Manager
The residents love the picture bingo but can we have the download of the flower bingo back please!
Talita 23rd Sep 2019
Hi Paula, flower bingo is still available here:
Angie 12th Sep 2019 Activities Coordinator
Yay, a new picture bingo !
The residents love playing picture bingo . Plus more residents are able to join in .
Thank you
Talita 16th Sep 2019
Thanks for your feedback Angie! Sara makes beautiful bingo games for sure!
Susan 2nd Sep 2019 Activity Director
Another great picture bingo game for the residents
Besides playing bingo these pictures are great for reminiscing