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Kate 31st Jan 2014 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
Thank you for Chinese New Year ideas. Made these for the residents as they are busy making items for local Show, they were curious, some had a read, its good to acknowledge other customs & cultures
Sheree 7th Jan 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
Cassie - when you print out the templates, it says what the symbols mean e.g. Luck, Dragon, Health
Cassie 7th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
are you able to say what the symbols mean?
talita 15th Jan 2013
You are most welcome!
Domenica 15th Jan 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thankyou for these designs ,so helpful for our celebrations
Maria 10th Jan 2012
I\'ve used all with the exeption of the lanters & what a help...what a success!...thanks for the e-mail.
Maria Jose