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Donna 16th May 2016 HACC Co-ordinator
Hi, been asked about whether it was suitable to put up a display board outside the door to the residents room, with special photos, their age, maybe where they were born etc. It is a way to celebrate special days etc, such as letting staff and other residents know it may be a wedding anniversary. It is also meant to give staff (especially casual staff who have not meet the resident before) to have some understanding of the person. However, is there perhaps too much info, since it is outside the door? Should we keep them inside the bedroom for privacy? Thanks
Heather 16th May 2016
Hi Donna,
Photo boards with these details work well inside the residents rooms, it allows care staff to engage in meaningful conversation (reminiscing) with resident while attending cares, cleaning there rooms etc. I feel privacy would come into it with what your suggesting to put on it such as age etc. and would suggest you check your policies and procedures on privacy and dignity to residents though. As a suggestion we have photos of residents on there doors, we take a photo as they enter the facility and update when they require changing, Our advance dementia residents sometimes have wedding photo or a photo of something they can recognize to help them find there rooms. I hope this helps you.
Dene 17th May 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Donna,

I think inside the room is best for privacy, on a wall that can be seen by people entering the room.
I do a fairly detailed Life Map which has personal pictures and dates relevant to the resident. These are A4 size printed on gloss paper and framed behind glass. They are hung in each residents room and are a great tool for care staff, volunteers etc to read and be able to converse with a resident especially a dementia resident on things specific to them. The families also speak very highly of the life maps and its something nice to give the family once their loved one has passed on. I have had a number of thank you letters from family members in regard to the Life Map.
Donna 18th May 2016 HACC Co-ordinator
Thank you for the suggestions. I will let the staff know to place them inside the room for privacy. I have also suggested that we use the boards as a way of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, with a little extra signage and such on those special event days.
Katja 11th Feb 2020 Recreation Activiites Officer
ANy chance of an example I'm a visual person and find that easier...
Susan 12th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Hi Katja
Look at these suggestions made

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