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Deb 4th Feb 2020 Activities/ Emotional Support Officer
Hello! I'm desperately wanting some advice and am coming to the good people of golden carers! Not so long ago, the Accreditation agency came through our facility and one of the questions asked was 'why don't we have anything on the residents doors about them?'
In the past we have never been allowed to!! Now my company wants me to do something asap. So I figured I would do something along the lines of the 5 things about me... Does anyone have a template or can tell me what you do in regards to this? Thankyou in advance! And yes...all residents have given permission. I just now need to know what im doing and put it together xx
Susan 5th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Here are a couple of comments on what other members did

It has been my experience that you cannot put really personal information
So with that said
First name
I like to get up———-
My favorite color ——
My favorite activity—-
My favorite clothing to wear is——
These questions aren’t too personal and would help someone caring for this person
There are plenty of crazy people out there

Diane 8th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator
We don't have anything on their doors except their picture (some don't want it on their door so it isn't) and their first initial and last name. However, I do what I call Birthday Bio's which I post on a bulletin board in the dining room during the month of their birthday. On those I put their picture, the day of the month they were born, where they were born, where they grew up, what their parents did for a living, how many brothers and sisters they had, where they went to school, what kinds of jobs did they have, hobbies and sports they enjoyed, places they've traveled to, how many children they had, how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren they have, ending with when they moved into the lodge.
I hope this helps Deb, and good luck!
Narda 11th Feb 2020 Lifestyle Supervisor
the home where i work now does this for every person that comes to live there. Its an A3 sheet. Name in middle of sheet and around are 6 pictures of something that has been or is important in their life. eg chocolate and so a picture of this is on there with a short few words to describe it. Or if they have travelled and what is their favourite country so you would put this on as well. It gives you a glimpse of the person at a glance. It is then laminated and placed on door. Every person too has a place mat with their name and something that is special for them. All the information would have been on their 'Getting to know you ' forms with entry/admission.
Susan 11th Feb 2020 Activity Director
This sounds great Nards thank you for sharing
Amanda 11th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for this advice you gave Deb as I was actually looking for help with this same situation.

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