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jane 18th May 2016 activity provider
Hi Everyone,
My lady's love the physical games suggested by you. ie. football, tennis, tap dancing etc.
I am now going to try MarPoolBowls but need soft balls as sometimes they get quite
excited so feel a solid ball may do some damage to themselves and the windows! Any
suggestions? Also have you any other ideas that I could possibly tempt them too? I would
love to do sitting dance but trying to find a really suitable C.D. is quite difficult also would appreciate some dance moves.
This is a big ask but without the help we all give each other, ideas, thoughts, games and
just communicating we'd be doing the same old things.....boring.
Many thanks, Jane
Talita 21st May 2016
Hi Jane!

Thanks for your questions!

Regarding soft balls, you could try the colorful plastics balls for babies (the ones they make a 'swim pit' out of) - or the spongy balls that kids use to play in water.

Regarding seated dance cd's and dvd's, below are a few forum thread with a few suggestions. Also I would suggest doing a search in youtube, it's amazing what you can find there!

The Rio Olympics are coming up in August and there are some more physical style games your clients may enjoy there:

Hope this helps!
Thanks Jane.
jane 23rd May 2016 activity provider
Many thanks Tilita.
You've certainly given me a few ideas, especially the coloured plastic balls which I
can paint numbers on. Unfortunately I'm a down loading
music so it takes me ages. But keep trying.
The Rio Olympics certainly gives me ideas so will give it a go.
Will let you know how I get on.
Bye for now.
Rosemary 25th May 2016 Dementia Practitioner
Hi Jane ,
If you have access to youtube and a TV screen then the worlds your oyster. We have those two things and I use this a lot.
We do line dancing ,sitting low impact exercises and I have song lists with Lyrics that I can get. It takes a little time putting together playlists however the lists have been invaluable. Our members enjoy the music sessions and don't need to muck around with books and finding the right page etc. The choice of songs is incredible.
Another thing you can find is old TV adverts , movies. Anything to do with Olympics past and present. Sooo much. Hope this is helpful.

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