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Adriana 13th May 2017 Recreation Supervisor
Looking for ideas around Weddings. I am thinking of getting our residents wedding pictures and having us all share all about getting married. I thought about a wedding gown fashion show, guesss who the famous couples are etc. any one out there done a whole day theme on this?

Susan 14th May 2017 Activity Director
I think getting residents wedding pictures is a great idea. If you cannot get them, pictures of online weddings or pictures of brides and grooms will work too. Just print some out.
You could ask family members and staff to bring in old brides magazines

You can download popular wedding songs before during or after the activity

You can get a video of a wedding movie such as: The Wedding or Royal Wedding.

It seems like the residents love to reminisce about weddings
Estia Health 26th May 2017 Aged Care Worker
Hi Adriana,
We have a Wedding Wall, where Residents have given their photos to us and we frame them and have a beautiful display with old style wedding decorations displayed as well.
Talita 27th May 2017
This is a nice activity with wedding photos posted by a member:
Emma 6th Jun 2017 Activity Coord
I have just done this theme, i printed out loads of famouse actros and actresses weddings from their era as well as the royal family as we are in england and they love them. i mixed their own pictures in there as well so all the hallways and living rooms had something to look at. also i managed to get a few dresses and hung them about for people to look at, reaching out to the families was great help to me as they gave me loads of things, even let us try the dresses on if we wanted which was of great amusment to the residents and staff

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