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Melissa 12th Oct 2018 Activity Coordinator

I am just curious, how does everyone inform their residents about activities or events in their facility or community? We have two whiteboard that have the daily activities including time and location, as well as a large monthly calendar that we keep up to date as well as our printed monthly calendar. We do door knock and go grab the residents who need more assistance. I am just wondering if there are other ways as I am new to this role.

Thank you so much for the feedback!
Susan 13th Oct 2018 Activity Director
I passed out the weekly calendar to those who wanted them
I also announced the activity about a half an hour before it began
We would take residents to the activity
We always ask them three times before we gave up
I always have a lot of people at an activity
If not perhaps you need to eliminate it from the calendar
I always bring up new activities at resident Council meetings
Molly 13th Oct 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
We use all of these as well! A printed calendar goes into every resident's rooms. We also tell the charge nurse every morning what the daily activities are so she can encourage staff to invite residents, too. Our unit has stopped making overhead announcements because it was a bit disruptive to some residents.
Sandra 16th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator
Hello Susan. I would like to start a weekly calendar at my facilities. Can you, please, send me one if yours as I can have an idea?
Carol 18th Oct 2018
Ours is a day center and we have calendars on the bulletin boards . We recently added a white board on the serving counter with actives of the day and time.
Talita 19th Oct 2018
Hi Sandra, here is a link to the word document template for Susan's weekly calendar:

Hope this helps! Thanks for sharing Susan!

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