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Jennifer 20th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator

Has anyone heard of/used a program called It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L)? It’s a computer system full of games, reminiscing prompts, music, travel activities, etc. My company is thinking of getting it but isn’t sure if it’s worth the price. Does anyone use other technology/apps? I already use YouTube for reminiscing, travel activities, and singalongs, but I’d love to find more interactive games for my residents to supplement all the non-electronic activities we do.

Thank you!
Solange 20th Feb 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Jennifer, from what I can see on YouTube it seems a great tool for high functioning residents. For Dementia care; the vast majority in care settings, I am not so sure. I keep thinking about the logistics of training staff and residents before they can use it. Also, I believe that too many choices confuse residents and the advertisement boasts: "one icon leads to ten icons that leads to another ten icons....?!" I would be cautious and visit a facility where IN2L has been implemented and observe how well are they going.
Susan 21st Feb 2019 Activity Director
I have heard of it but I agree with Solange that it would be too confusing for some of the residents and probably not worth the money

I bought tablets for the residents to use and installed simple apps on them Some residents like them but you must spend time explaining how to use them it's more for independent residents or residents there for sure term rehab

We have used the WII with a small group of residents there are many game options you could use depending on the interest of your residents
Jennifer 21st Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator
Oh good, I've been leaning the same way but wanted some other opinions before making a final decision. I was concerned also about staff over-relying on IN2L and missing out on opportunities to connect with our residents on a more personal level. I love the idea of using tablets and a WII!

Thank you.
Amy 22nd Feb 2019
I agree with the other poster. I've seen them present so many times over the years at conferences. I just feel nowadays the technology of it is out dated. You can do all of those things with a tablet/iPad/apple TV combo and spend way less money.
Darla 26th Feb 2019 Recreation and Rehab Manager
I checked out this site. It looks interesting for an aging in place facility. Our home has independent senior living, assisted living, and long term care, so it may be of benefit for those in the indepenned living. Will keep you informed.
Lori 6th Mar 2019 Activities Director
We have an IN2L and use it often. In our assisted living area of the building we can connect it to our projector so everything we do on it can be easily seen by all participants. We do hymn Sings (people can see the words up on the screen, Sing-along, do word games, use u Tube, google and many other things. Lots of things on there. My residents love it. The residents don't usually operate it themselves. Most of our residents are not into the computer technology yet or they have their own laptops. We still do other activities so we don't rely on technology too much. It can be used in Dementia care also. They have some cool art programs and several other things that would be appropriate. For us it was worth the investment.
Susan 8th Mar 2019 Activity Director
This is great Lori
I am glad it is working out for you and your facility can afford it
Mallory 31st Oct 2019
I know this thread is from a long time ago but I wanted to contribute. We just started this program yesterday. I think the best part I can see if that a younger staff will be able to use it as a tool to better connect with an ageing population. You also set up a profile for a resident and they can learn to touch their picture and see the options we load for them to make it less confusing and easy to understand. From what i see, the repetition of it will help them learn how to use it and interact with it and best of all, they can see their family on it. The family can use Skype, they can message it directly, they can save videos to it for things like convincing dad to take a shower or reminding mom that she has an appointment at the salon on Thursday at three. You are right that you can do a lot of this stuff on a iPad but someone from apple doesn't come to the building to set it up, they don't walk your staff through how to use it, they don't come back out for refresher training's, they don't have an IT dept you can easily call to troubleshoot issues. It also is presented in such a way that it is very intuitive. It has content that is constantly updated and they have full length movies, plenty of music, the TV turns into a whole fish thank they can see and feed the fish, even interacting with fish and making ripples int he water. It is very different and so far seems to be quite awesome in how we can approach healthcare and use technology for really great innovative advances in approaches to dementia, Alzheimer's, people with behaviors, sun downing, just all of it!
Susan 1st Nov 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for the information Mallory

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