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Donna 30th Apr 2019 Lifestyle Officer
Hello everyone,
I want to play Hang Man however I am looking for ideas on the same game without the 'hanging'. Our facility has a resident rehabilitating that tried to take her own life. It doesn't feel appropriate. I know it's a long standing game and I play it with my kids when we go out to restaurants.

Thanks in advance
Talita 1st May 2019
Hi Donna, how about 'Build a Snowman' instead? Draw a cute snowman that ends with a sad face it the word is not guessed correctly.

1. Largest body circle
2. Smaller body circle
3. Head circle
4. One arm
5. Another arm
6. Top hat
7. Buttons
8. One eye
9. Another eye
10. Carrot nose
11. Last turn - add a smile if the letter is guessed, if not, a sad face.

Susan 1st May 2019 Activity Director
What a wonderful suggestion Talita
Maureen 5th May 2019 Personal Carer
Susan 5th May 2019 Activity Director
Thanks Maureen I agree with you
Molly 6th May 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
I love the idea of the snowman! Adorable and fun. Thank you, Talita!
Gail 7th May 2019 Activity Assistant
At our facility, we play the exact same game as hangman but call it wheel of fortune. We draw the blank spaces for a word or phrase, and when a chosen letter is not in the word, we simply write that letter at the top of the whiteboard - no need to draw anything for incorrect letters.
Susan 8th May 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Gail what a great idea
Carol 8th May 2019 Activities Coordinator
We play a game called 'Confessional Hangman'. I'm not sure where I got the idea from but we use a variety of topics ( ie; proberbs,songs,household items, movies, icons in Australia ect) We have two teams and two different phrases to be solved. I use different coloured whiteboard markers to distinguish between the two phrases so each team doesn't get confused with which puzzle they are solving. We also use the Wheel of Fortune alphabet sheets (with the vowels covered) The clients keep track of the letters their team has chosen by covering the letters with washers as they are called. First team to solve their puzzle gets a tick.
Virginia 8th May 2019 Librarian Assistant
I play a game that is a cross between hangman and wheel of fortune with a memory fitness group I run at a library. We just call it Wheel of Fortune although all we do is guess letters until someone comes up with the phrase. They seem to enjoy it.
Susan 9th May 2019 Activity Director
Sounds like a good idea Virginia I say if it works use it
Susan 9th May 2019 Activity Director
Thanks Virginia
Rachel 10th May 2019 Activities Coordinator
I had same problem, so came up with different version called it 'The full monty' (bit cheeky) use cardboard cut out of man hands covering his modesty, then layer him with cut out clothing ie; pants, vest, trousers, shirt, tie, boots, jacket, hat, glasses whatever extra slowly removing items of clothing with each wrong guess, causes a few giggles !! i'm sure they get it wrong on purpose :)
Talita 10th May 2019
Ha! I love this Rachel, this is a fabulous idea!

Confessional hangman also sounds like a fun group activity Carol!
Sharon 13th May 2019 Activities Director
We sometimes play something called “name that phrase”
— — — — — — — — — —
Hit the sack.
They have to guess the letters
Susan 14th May 2019 Activity Director
Another great idea Rachel
Susan 14th May 2019 Activity Director
It sounds to me like you are a great activity leader with many great ideas
Sharon 14th May 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator
thanks so much helped me as well
Kristi 15th May 2019 Activity Director
Check out Pinterest - they have some ideas - such as Build a Flower or Praying Man - you draw a man praying instead of a man hanging. We use Wheel of Fortune for ours.
Susan 15th May 2019 Activity Director
Thanks so much Kristi
Yours is another great idea
Olwyn 18th May 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Donna,
In winter, I just use a drawing on the white board of a set of long stairs, and a big puddle at the bottom. I made a figure, with an umbrella, hat, gloves, boots with magnets to stick on the white board. Whenever an answer is wrong, he loses a warm clothing item, or he has to step down a step. The residents choose what happens. In summer, the figure has bathers, towel, sunglasses and sun screen, beach umbella and a sun hat- the puddle is full of sharks.
Susan 19th May 2019 Activity Director
Wow what a great idea
I am sure took you some time to create this but I am sure your residents love it
Sharon 21st May 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator
awesome ideas
JoDee 23rd May 2019 Activity Director
We also play the game wheel of fortune at our facility. The residents love it. We bought the game, which is called wheel of fun, from the magazine S&S Worldwide (I believe). At the end of the game we let the residents buy little snacks with the money they won.
Susan 23rd May 2019 Activity Director
Sounds like another great idea

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