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Kat 6th Jun 2019 Life Enrichment Director
Hi all. I am wondering what types of technology you are using in your facilities? Aside from Ipads, I am researching some technology for next years budget. I'm hoping to get a VR headset. Are there any programs or devices you use that are a bit more on the tech side? Already have a Wii as well.
Susan 6th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Wow do you really have some great devices
You must have a big budget which is so lucky because many do not
What about an Itouch I know it is more low tech than what you have but it's a good for a listening to music it is good for those who like something smaller than an iPad
Here are some of the articles on golden Carers about technology
They will give you some ideas
Here is another idea that might be of interest to you it's on the pricey side but some people love it
I hope this helps
And I want to tell you how lucky you are to be able to get these things for your residents

Molly 7th Jun 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Kat,

We've only just recently started incorporating technology. The iPad is a favorite though and we've gotten some wonderful use out of it when doing 1:1's, music groups, and armchair travel. It is also better to bring with you in case a scheduled activity isn't working and you want to switch it up without having to dig in the activity closet.

Sharon 19th Jun 2019 Activities Director
We got Alexa ( the Amazon Echo ) this winter and it became all the rage, some of my residents even purchased them for their rooms. We did some workshops and posted a list of “ What Alexa can do” lists. Our staff uses Alexa to play music. It is so easy, you just ask “Alexa play Frank Sinatra” no need to keep CDs. We often ask Alexa questions when we play trivia.

Susan 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director
You are lucky to Sharon
I think Alexa could be really helpful

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