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Dawn 16th Mar 2020 Community Life Director
The new guild lines that are being implemented is that we will not be having activities. Now I’m thinking of ideas for those that will be lonely and scared. I have a few that will be happy with crosswords and word finds. But others that can not do those things with out my activities staff helping them. Hoping some of you are willing to share a few ideas.
Solange 16th Mar 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Dawn, you are quite right, many residents won’t be happy with the situation. Activities for them should be in line with ‘being helpful and needed’. Many residents are driven by a sense of solidarity and social feelings you can explore. Whatever you ask them to do, cooperate, or contribute can satisfy their feelings of belonging. You may have to explain to them that the situation is temporary. Here is some ‘food for thought’ activities that individuals may enjoy in the privacy of their bedrooms.
Time to support Spiritual Practice
Unraveling a wool sweater for recycling
Empowering arts ( modeling clay, drawings, colouring)
Fiddle Boxes
Untying knots (a dozen sailor's knots for them to untie)
Fabric Box (pieces of fabric to be folded and separated by colour)
Pairing and sorting activities:
Making Pom-Poms for decorations
Colouring Easter eggs (boiled eggs, and colouring pencils)
Cutting pictures from old calendars for a poster
Cupcakes decorations for Morning tea
You may visit each resident to see how they are going and assist if needed.
Susan 17th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Wow what great ideas Solange
I also like to make cards on the computer that needed to be folded and there were questions on the
Allow some residents who are able to fold the cards
and answer some questions on the card
They could also make decorations for their door or room
Susan 17th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi here are some more ideas
Does your facility have a PA system where you could announce certain things like joke time or trivia time or a sing-along over the loudspeaker and you would not have to have the residents get together but still would provide activities
Also I assume your volunteers are not coming into the facility but they may be available to call some of the residents from their home and just talk to them not as good as in person visits but still there is interaction you could call it phone time or fun with Phone time
You and your staff could call the residents as well and share something that one resident said to another one you would be like the facilitator
Margaret 17th Mar 2020 Diversional Therapist
1. We are soon to go into lockdown and there will be additional stresses to deal with in the work place for both staff and residents. For my wellbeing as well as that of residents I have looked at several meditation apps and will be doing some guided meditations for relaxation and de- stressing. One on one with residents.
2. Looking at doing information about a different country each week- with word search on the country, make a word, colouring in about the country and a few quiz questions.
3. Lots of sorting activities for resident living with dementia, colour sorting with paint colour swatches from paint stores, sorting out packs of playing cards, leaving clothes and fabric for residents to sort. All things that can be washed or sanitized - or left with the individual.
4. Making a Bored Board or folder containing word searches, colouring, spot the difference etc so that care staff have something to give the residents when they say I am bored.
Susan 17th Mar 2020 Activity Director
These are great ideas Margaret thank you very much
Dawn 17th Mar 2020 Community Life Director
We can use our white boards for games like Yahtzee and other word games while keeping or 6” apart. I am asking families to drop off special goods like their favorite candy or photo album.

Also we are going to start using the phrase, physical distancing. The community I work with didn’t like the idea of social distancing.

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