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Shane 8th Aug 2020 Director Of Nursing
I love the armchair travel packages and I love that the preparation is done so comprehensively. Thank you. I am updating documentation for this program and am wondering about the goals/intended outcomes. I have identified, purposeful and meaningful engagement along with the cultural and reminiscence opportunities. What else should I include?
Susan 9th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Shane
Please clarify are you talking about individual person documentation??

Or are you talking about writing up the activity for your book of activities in your facility
You may want to model after these articles
Let me know if you need more help
Solange 16th Aug 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Shane, here are some benefits/goals when watching Armchair Travel.

Heighten the senses
Broaden the mind and enhance tolerance
Ascertain that there is more that unites than divide us in the world.
Sharing past travel experiences with peers.
Enhance social lifestyle with lively conversation
Opportunity to learn: discover a new culture, people, and cuisines

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