How to Plan and Implement an Exercise Program

How to Plan and Implement an Exercise Program

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Moderate exercise achieves beneficial health outcomes.  Age is irrelevant; everyone benefits from exercises that are suitable to their health, age and circumstances.
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Activity Coordinators are responsible for providing opportunities for their clients to increase their physical level of activity. This can include dancing, walking, ball games, and moving to music from a seated position.

Physical activity plays a pivotal role in maintaining good health and overall well-being. Age is irrelevant; everyone benefits from exercises that are suitable to their health, age, and circumstances.

Benefits of Exercise:

  • Mobility: Enhances joint flexibility, reducing fall risks.
  • Cognitive Health: Boosts memory and reduces dementia risks.
  • Social Opportunity: Group workouts promote social bonding.
  • Mood Boost: Combats depression and enhances overall mood.


  • Provide consistent and appropriate physical activities to participants.
  • Foster social interactions and relationships among participants.
  • Enhance the overall functionality and physical capabilities of participants.

Equipment Considerations:

  • Selection of equipment is contingent on the specific exercise regimen.
  • For DVD-based exercises, ensure a large TV and a DVD player or a laptop is available.
  • Incorporate a quality loudspeaker for clear audio.


  • Engagement:  Hold a meeting with residents to highlight the benefits of physical activity.
  • Expertise: Invite your Physiotherapist to attend the meeting.
  • Assessment: Talk to clinical staff to ensure each participant is able to join the group.
  • Collaboration: Involve families in exercise selection: seated exercises, hydrotherapy etc.
  • Support: Make sure you have one or more activity assistants or volunteers to help out.
  • Venue: Choose a location that is peaceful with no onlookers walking by or talking.
  • Engagement: Ensure sessions are lively and enjoyable to foster ongoing participation.

Evaluation and Feedback:

  • Actively seek feedback from participants, caregivers, and staff.
  • Document the response and mood of participants after every session.
  • Summarize your findings and record them in your Progress Notes.

With proper planning and commitment, residents will reap the benefits of the exercise programs you create for them.  These programs not only bolster physical health but also promote emotional well-being and social engagement among participants.

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Sarah 20th Dec 2016 Activities Director
Thank you for the Outline, Morena! Having an evaluation form on hand for all types of Activities is a great idea. Our facility is brand new and as we get residents, we are contouring activities based on their interests and needs. This site has so many great ideas, forums, etc.
Kim 5th Dec 2013 Registered Nurse
we have a very successful exercise program which deals with stretching and movement.we incorporate ball catching,throwing and bouncing.At the end of every session we use foam pool "noodles" to hit the ball along the floor back and forth between the residents.They get so much fun out of this and it adds to their reflex and co ordination. Sometimes I think they come just for that aspect of the session. Your article are so helpfull keep up the great work.
Morena 27th Nov 2013 Diversional Therapist
I consider that lifestyle program evaluation form would be done, specifying for how long the program has been running or trial up in place; what are the goal and expected outcomes.
Name of the program:
Is this program new: Y N
Sessions per week
Group size and mix
What is the Feedback from residents, or relevant stakeholder, staff or volunteers about the program? Positive/Negative
Group size and mix
Has the program met the goals or expected outcomes? What evidence is there of the success of the program.
How will the program be improved or improved residents wellbeing?
Hope this will help you.
Morena De Lopez :)

debbie 25th Nov 2013 day centre coordinator
Thank you for this outline. I have started to introduce more physical activities at our centre. This was lacking previously and we now have ball games, balloon throwing, bean bags, golden carers DVD stretching movements and also gentle chair dances on DVD. At present this is all going very well

I need to follow this through with the appropriate documentation and evaluations. So management can see the benefits this is having on our clients. Do you have anything I can use for feedback forms or evaluations?
I look forward to your response.

Cheers Debbie
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