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Dawn 6th Oct 2020 Gerontology
I want to say how happy I am that I purchase Golden Carers. The facility I am working is limited for activities for our residents with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Most everyone is in a wheel chair and have very little cognitive functions. Any suggestions on a art project.
Also in need of white board activities for the high cognitive residents. White board activities, like write a word and have them come up with words from the letters in the chosen word.
Help and thank you.
Dawn :)
Talita 19th Oct 2020
Thank you so very much for your feedback Dawn, this means so much to us! Sorry for the delay in response, this comment didn't pass through our forum channel.

A mixed media collage is a nice activity that everyone can enjoy:

Coloring-in is also a very worthwhile activity and there are many lovely templates on the website incluidng artist emulations.

Group art projects can also be very successful:

Here are some ideas for whiteboard activities that can be adapted to suit.

Don't forget to take a look through member submitted activities, there are some wonderful ideas here!

Hope this helps!
Susan 19th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi Dawn
I like dot art for those with dementia
It is easy and usually comes out well
If this is too complicated just by dot Art supplies
You can even use bingo Dobbers

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