As a 1:1 activity, I visit each resident and we make a paper quilt square. We attach them all together and eventually when we have restrictions lifted, we can all enjoy the
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As a 1:1 activity, I visit each resident and we make a paper quilt square.

We attach them all together and eventually when we have restrictions lifted, we can all enjoy the "quilt" we made together.

I call it the "We are in this Together Quilt".

I use scraps of scrapbooking paper and let the residents choose their pattern layout.

Files included:

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Community Scrapbook Quilt

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Eleanor 22nd Jun 2021 Administrator
Thank you for this fabulous idea!! Our church senior citizens lunch club were delighted with their 'community quilt'. Everyone made their own quilt piece using coloured and patterned paper (some people needed help) and we put it together to make this wonderful cross -shaped artwork.
Susan 23rd Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Eleanor
Thank you for sharing this picture
It is lovely
Susan 14th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kathy
How lovely
Thank you for sharing
Maybe you can share a picture of it with us
Meg 29th Dec 2020 Life Enrichment Director
Painter tape.... comes in colors. Removes easy, and you can put it up on a wall. Or
you could use dollar store frames!
Susan 29th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Meg
Thank you for the information I’m sure it will be helpful
Susan 28th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Brenda
Deb is also wondering how you attach the pieces
Maybe someone else knows how to attach the pieces
Thanks in advance for your help
Susan 18th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Brenda
Can you tell Lisa how you attached the pieces together
Deb 28th Aug 2020 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I am wondering the same thing. I am thinking of using packing tape.
Kathy 13th Mar 2021 Life Enrichment Manager
I did this on my assisted living unit. They glued the pieces to a plain sheet of paper, then I trimmed them into neat squares and covered in clear contact paper. I arranged all the squares into a nice arrangement and taped them to a piece of tablecloth. I hung it up with a pretty sign in their lobby. Even residents who didn't participate in making it have really enjoyed it. One gentleman requested us to send a picture of it to his daughter who makes quilts herself.
Lisa 17th Aug 2020
Have been working on this with our residence during our COVID lockdown. I’m now ready to put together and needed information on what you used to put all the quilt square together?
Deb 15th Jul 2020 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Our residents are enjoying the We're in this together project. Each resident I have visited has enjoyed both making the quilt square and the conversation.
Maureen 11th Jul 2020 Personal Carer
i love this site give me lot of new ideas to put a across to our community manager.thank you for sharing xo
Susan 12th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Maureen
It makes me very happy to see that you take such great interest in the activities for your residents
You must be a great cater
Thank you
Brenda 8th Jul 2020 Activity Coordinator
I do not have any pictures of the garden fence or memorial garden fence, but here is a similar picture I found on Pinterest . I hope this inspires everyone!
Susan 9th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for sharing this Brenda
It is really a help
Emma 8th Jul 2020 Nurse
We are facilitating the community quilt activity on the eldercare ward at our hospital. Patients love the idea of a long term project, to work on. As staff, we are looking forward to having a positive reminder of what we achieved during the pandemic.
Brenda 8th Jul 2020 Activity Coordinator
That's awesome! I am happy to know I inspired you to make a community project. I really does create a sense of unity especially during this pandemic. Happy creating everyone!
Kathie 18th Jun 2020 Team Leader
I am sending out paper based activity packs to our stuck at home clients, I have included a pack of template, cardboard and coloured paper, from this activity--hopefully I will get lots back and will be able to put them together and display in our library.
Brenda 19th Jun 2020 Activity Coordinator
They will love having something they ALL did "together". I love doing community projects!!! Another one I did years ago was Picket Garden Fence. Each resident painted a 2ft garden picket. I then stapled them to runners across the back to build the fence. We staked them around the community garden. New residents received their picket in their Activity Welcome Basket they received on my first visit with them. After they were finished painting, assistance offered if needed, we added them to the fence. Pickets of residents who passed were added to the Memorial Garden.
It was a great way for everyone to come together as a community and remember the ones who passed.
Have fun, and send a picture!!!
Susan 19th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kathie
I hope you get a lot of returns off so it sounds great
I don’t know if you are able to send a picture but if you can that would be nice too
Solange 19th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist
Great idea Kathie!
Susan 20th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Brenda
I love the idea of the picket fence and the community garden as well as the picket fence in the memorial garden
Is there any chance you could send us pictures of these??
Thanks so much for sharing
Brenda 2nd Jun 2020 Activity Coordinator
It's great for reminiscing! I found a book of patterns too. We look through the book and talk about each pattern. I knew a little bit about quilts, but I have learned a ton doing this project.
Susan 2nd Jun 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for this Brenda
We made a quilt similar to this and we put the residents picture one per Square
This is good for we are family day which is in March
Solange 2nd Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist
Brillant idea Brenda!
Andrea 2nd Jun 2020 Program Coordinator
This is awesome! I work in inpatient geri psych-I think my patients would love this!
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