We are connected Project

We are connected Project

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We are currently working on a We Are Connected project. Each client fills in a puzzle piece and then we piece together our puzzle.

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Susan 28th Aug 2020 Activity Director
I think that is a great idea
Helen 27th Aug 2020 Volunteer Coordinator
I love this idea. I work in hospice and I am thinking about having our staff complete a puzzle piece for each patient they have. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea!
P. Liliana 14th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
I am so excited to send this activitiy home in our Activity Packets! What a terrific way of keeping our people together. I'll send a picture as soon as we get this together.
Thanks SO MUCH!
Brenda 29th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator
I plan on doing this at our Senior Center I ordered a giant size blank puzzle. We will mail out a piece to interested Seniors and they can paint and write a message on it. we have a new center which will be built and ready by Spring of 2021 we may frame this puzzle and hang it for a historic time for future generations to learn about this whole crazy time in our lives.
Talita 2nd Aug 2020
Sounds lovely Brenda, please share a photo if you can!
julie 19th Jul 2020 activities worker
Thank you. Love this idea. I will do this with my people too.
Talita 2nd Aug 2020
Share a pic later if you can Julie x
Susan 17th Jul 2020 Activity Director
This sounds like a great idea Erin
Let us know how it turns out and maybe you can send us a picture of it