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Dawn 27th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator
Hi Everyone,

We are finally going to be opening our center back up on Monday after being closed for 14 months. I am looking for ideas for contactless activities that we can do with our participants. They will each be having individual zip lock bags with their own crayons, bingo chips and so forth that can be easily cleaned at the end of the day. Any ideas will be helpful. Thank you in advance.
Solange 28th Apr 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Dawn, You are on the right track. Here are a few more ideas you may incorporate.
Susan 28th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Dawn
It’s great that your place is opening up but it’s also challenging for you
What kind of activities are you looking for??
Arts and crafts
One to one activities
Dawn 29th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator
Hi Susan,

We have a lot of art ideas. We are looking for anything that we can do as a group but they have to do it individually at their table. We can't play bowling, corn toss, darts or anything that they have to share the items. I have tried looking things up but it's been difficult finding things.
Dawn 29th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator
HI Solange and Susan,
Thank you for the link. We have plenty of art activities. We are looking for activities we can do as a group but they have to stay at their seats. We can't do corn too, bowling, darts, etc. that require them sharing the items used for the game. We are excited to be returning but it's definitely going to be different.

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