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Chantal 2nd Aug 2013 Recreation Therapist
Hi, do any of you know of people who do clothing sales in aged care facilities. I have a lady that comes in with shoes and another with jewellery but just cant find an inhouse clothing supplier. We have a lot of residents who just cant get out anymore and this would benefit them immensely. Thanks
Lifestyle 5th Aug 2013 Diversional Therapist
you can contact millers and they might come out to you and there is a place in Adelaide called dress 4 success and they do high care clothes as well
Karin 5th Aug 2013 Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
Hi Chantal
I know 2 companies, but they are in Victoria - you are in NSW?
Donna 5th Aug 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
I would like to respond to Chantal's Question about retail therapy for aged care residents. I don't know what state Chantal is in but I use Jasfa Mobile Fashions. The shop is located on Caloundra and the ladies travel up and down the coast visiting all aged care facilities.
Contact details Denise:0414716471 or Samone: 0448261465
Hoping this helps with your situation.
Christine 5th Aug 2013
Hi Chantal,
You asked for someone to come in who sells clothes. I have a lady by the name of Michelle. The name of her company is Frills and Frocks to You. Her email address is [email protected]. She also donates five percent of her sales to the facility. Please confirm this with her. I haven’t had a chance to have her at our facility but I would invite daughters to come in so they can help their Mums choose. Just a suggestion… It could be turned into an activity as residents will need time to try things on. Hope this helps.
Kind regards,
Linda 5th Aug 2013 Recreation Therapist
Hi Chantel
I have a lady that does this
rielinda my direct
[email protected] I have details at my work
Madeleine 14th Aug 2013 Recreation Activites Officer
Golden Girl Fashions are in Sydney. great clothes and always do well in our facility. I'm sure Julie can help you out.
Kaye 14th Aug 2013
Hi Chantel,
There is a lovely lady that comes into the facility where I work, her name is Robyn and im sure she would love to come into your facility and show the clothes, bags, jewellery, underwear, all sorts of things, in fact they have a great collection of Ladies' and Men's Fashions and Accessories that the residents can get as presents for loved ones or just to pamper themselves. the residents here have a ball trying on the clothes and jewellery.
The business name is
Ma & Pa Fashions for more information call Robyn on
(02) 4862 3237 or 0405 455 377
Hope this has been some help
Kind Regards

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