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Bobbie 2nd Feb 2023 Carer/activity Assistant
A problem which I hope someone can assist with,
when doing an ice cream run, how do you keep the ice-cream from melting?
I can't do it any faster, I have tried sitting the ice-cream bucket in a tray of ice, nothing seems to work.
How do others overcome this issue?
Susan 4th Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Bobbie
When we served ice cream we had a lot of the staff helping so that the ice cream would not melt
You might want to try these ideas also
Pam 4th Feb 2023 Activity Director
We have used a cooler when serving ice cream down the halls in our facility.
Susan 5th Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Pam
Thank you for your input
Bobbie 9th Feb 2023 Carer/activity Assistant
Thank you for your suggestions,
Using extra people is not an option :)

I will look into a cooler , great idea and thank you .

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