Invite a staff member or a  resident's family member to do a presentation on their country and talk about their heritage.

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Debi 30th Jan 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi is there a specific multi culture day that we celebrate ? If so what date is it held on. Thanks Debi
Jacqulyn 31st Dec 2019 Activity Program Coordinator
I've had it 2 times a year. Third week in February and/or in October, if I don't get too busy.
Susan 31st Dec 2019 Activity Director
Thank you for your feedback
shirley 19th Oct 2010 nurse
can you tell me where I can get cultural specific information for our residents
eg. japanese, jewish greek, italian ,german
thankyou shirley
Solange 20th Oct 2010 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Hi Shirley, Mexican and Greek themes days will be featured in the January/2011 newsletter. At a later date we will have Japanese, South America, Philippines and Lebanese themes days.
Marilyn 21st Jan 2011 Lifestyle support - aged care
Hi Shirley ... the Library is a fantastic resource as well. Music Cd's, travel books, childrens books also have lots of pictures for browsing ..