Invite a staff member or a  resident's family member to do a presentation on their country and talk about their heritage.

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Patricia 23rd Dec 2021 Carer/ Activities
My residents can't do much
Debi 30th Jan 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi is there a specific multi culture day that we celebrate ? If so what date is it held on. Thanks Debi
Jacqulyn 31st Dec 2019 Activity Program Coordinator
I've had it 2 times a year. Third week in February and/or in October, if I don't get too busy.
Susan 31st Dec 2019 Activity Director
Thank you for your feedback
shirley 19th Oct 2010 nurse
can you tell me where I can get cultural specific information for our residents
eg. japanese, jewish greek, italian ,german
thankyou shirley
Solange 20th Oct 2010
Hi Shirley, Mexican and Greek themes days will be featured in the January/2011 newsletter. At a later date we will have Japanese, South America, Philippines and Lebanese themes days.
Marilyn 21st Jan 2011 Lifestyle support - aged care
Hi Shirley ... the Library is a fantastic resource as well. Music Cd's, travel books, childrens books also have lots of pictures for browsing ..