Daily Bingo Challenge

Daily Bingo Challenge

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This daily bingo challenge has been a big hit among our residents! Tape a card to each resident's door. Four random bingo numbers will be posted on the listing sheet every day.
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This daily bingo challenge has been a big hit among our residents!


  • Bingo cards (4" x 5")
  • Bingo numbers of the day listing sheet
  • Tape
  • Prizes for winners


  • Create a master copy of your bingo cards and label them with unique game numbers.
  • Make a second batch of cards for distribution and tape a card to each resident's door.
  • Print a bingo numbers of the day listing sheet and place it in a prominent position.


  • Four random bingo numbers will be posted on the listing sheet every day.
  • Residents circle matching numbers on their cards.
  • Remind residents not to discard cards and to keep playing until a winner is announced.
  • Post the winner's name on a communal bulletin board to celebrate their victory!
  • Each game averages 6 to 10 days.  


(We call our daily bingo challenge game Bunker Bingo)

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Chelsie 25th Jul 2022 Activity Leader
Where do I get the 90 units to enable residents to play?
Evelyn 26th Sep 2021 Enrichment Coordinator
I love the bunker bingo idea I will try this at work.
Mariann 18th Sep 2021 Director Of Activities
I love this idea and can't wait to try it with my residents. Thank you !!
Nina 16th Jul 2020 Activities Director
Great idea, but did not work, all my residents lost interest and were thoroughly confused about it - staff liked it though.
Susan 16th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Perhaps you could modify it in someway to make it more successful for your community.
Kelly 17th May 2020 Therapeutic Recreation Director
Great idea! Thank you for sharing!
We have been doing bingo on the overhead loudspeaker.
The ordering dinner out prize and the length of this game adds to some excitement and should be a hit. Thanks!
Robert 27th May 2020 Activities Manager
I am glad that you got some use with the idea! Enjoy!
BlueCare 6th May 2020
This is a wonderful activity. I am the Lifestyle Co-ordinator and Team Leader at a Day Respite Centre so I "tweaked" the bingo game to suit our clients at home. (I printed bingo game cards which were free online).The bingo game cards and game instructions were delivered to client's homes in their weekly "Goodie Bag." Clients received the first six bingo numbers in their "Goodie Bag." Staff will subsequently telephone participants each morning with six new numbers, continuing until we have a winner! New game cards will be delivered weekly until the Respite Centre re-opens. Hope this is helpful for other Day Respite Centre's who are looking for meaningful activities because, "we're all in this together."
Susan 7th May 2020 Activity Director
Bluecare another great idea thank you for sharing
Janice 5th May 2020 Activity Co-ordinator
We are doing almost the same thing, even residents that normally don't play BINGO are interested. I post the #'s on our activity board , this gets the residents out of there room if only for a brief moment. (the staff donate money to the pot) .Social distancing of course.
Robert 7th May 2020 Activities Manager
Janice, That is great and I am glad that everyone is enjoying it!
You could substitute the prize from money to just mailing or delivering a certificate or a goody bag of some sort If you are concerned about social distancing.
Susan 3rd May 2020 Activity Director
This certainly is a unique way to play bingo and it is good for people who have to stay in the rooms. I suspect lower-functioning residents will need some help. However it is a great idea and I’m glad you shared it
Susan 3rd May 2020 Activity Director
You could pass out papers that say the date and the Bingo number for that date.
That way the residents would have something to look forward to every day.
Your volunteers or staff could call residents with the daily number and remind them to mark it. There are many possibilities thank you for this.
Robert 5th May 2020 Activities Manager
Thank you for the suggestion. That would be an additional push to keep the rest playing.
Talita 2nd May 2020
This is a fabulous activity idea Robert - thanks so much for sharing!
Robert 5th May 2020 Activities Manager
You are so welcome and thank you for posting it! I hope that it brings some joy to communities out there and it is exciting to share it with the world!
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