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Turn bottles and glass jars into these cute candle holders, vases or containers for chocolates and other sweets.

They are ideal to give as gifts, and they are rather uncomplicated to make.


  • Opportunity to form friendships
  • Creativity expression


  • Pressed flowers (press flowers 3 weeks prior to decoupage session; see related activity).
  • Glass containers or small glass bottles.
  • PVA glue or Modge Podge. If using PVA thin it with water before using (half and half).
  • Small brush or kitchen sponge


  • Containers should be thoroughly cleaned with soapy water and dried.
  • Apply glue with brush or sponge to the outside of the glasses/bottles - except the bottom part.
  • Arrange the pressed leaves where you want them. Allow to dry until glass is transparent again (5 – 10 minutes). Remember that pressed flowers are very fragile, so handle with care.
    One tip: moisten the tip of your pointer finger to pick flowers.
  • Use spponge or a small brush to gently apply another coat of PVA glue all over; apply gently over the flowers, leaves.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly until glass is transparent once again.
  • Take outdoors and spray with acrylic spray as per manufactures instructions for endurance.
  • Containers with wide openings can be used as candle holders or you can use jars with lids to fill with home-made bath salts or marshmallows or chocolate for a lovely present.

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Ngatupuna 28th Apr 2015 Activities co-ordinator
Thanks for the ideas these glasses look so amazing.
Natalie 3rd Feb 2014 program support worker
Great idea !
Marlene 9th May 2013 Lifestyle
thank you
Emilie 10th Apr 2013 AIN/RAO
What a wonderful idea! I will definitely be using this some time in the future!
Solange 3rd Apr 2013 Diversional Therapist
Thanks Elizabeth.
Elizabeth 3rd Apr 2013 PICAC Project Officer
These jars and bottles looks beautifull.
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