Unlimited numbers of players can play this game.

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Kristina 26th Aug 2021 Activity Director
This is mixing it up a bit. I am sure the residents are going to love playing with the dice but they don't mind playing with anything as long as there are prizes.
Talita 29th Aug 2021
Yes I love this idea too. Thanks for your feedback Kristina, I hope it goes down well!
Eileen 29th Aug 2021 PCTL-Respite Manager
Hi Kristina,
My clients are the same. They love playing normal Bingo and especially enjoy playing the reminiscing Bingo as well. The best part of this activity is when they win a prize. I'm going to try them on the new Dice Bingo and see how that goes with them.
Carman 12th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Dice Bingo
Talita 24th Aug 2021
Thanks for sharing another great activity Carman!