This game brings a new twist to an old favorite! Unlimited players can join in the fun.
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This game brings a new twist to an old favorite!
Unlimited players can join in the fun.


  • Cognition: Enhances number recognition and memory.
  • Motor Skills: Improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Social: Boosts interaction and camaraderie.
  • Engagement: Easy and fun for all.


  • Game sheets (dice and number versions).
  • Bingo dapper or markers.
  • Dice (one for each player).

How To Play


  • Achieve a "Black Out" before any other player.


  • Distribute a game sheet to each player. They can choose between the dice sheet (showing dice faces) or the number sheet (with numbers 1-6).
  • Each player gets a bingo dapper or marker and a dice.

Rolling Phase:

  • Players take turns rolling their dice.
  • After rolling, they cross off the corresponding number on their sheet.
  • If a player rolls a number they've already crossed off entirely, they miss the next turn.


  • The first player to achieve a “Black Out” by marking off all their numbers wins!



Files included:

Download Image

Dice Bingo Sheet

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Kylie 23rd Aug 2022 leisure and lifestyle officer
Made power point of your 'these go together' activity. I find it easier with my residents to have something they can see, rather than just say the answers. Hope someone can use it.
Susan 3rd Sep 2022 Activity Director
Hi Kylie
Thank you
Linda 30th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
Thankyou Sherry Carman for the helpful hints and everyone
Will def give dice bingo a spin
Linda 25th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
Hi sorry to be a thicko but am I presuming correctly that you must roll a one to be able to start the game and then no more crossing off until you get a 2 etc x also dis you give residents one roll of the dice per turn or let them have more x thanks for your help in advance
Susan 26th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda
I think you can do whatever works best for your residents and your facility
Sherry 26th Jan 2022
We take turns and what you roll you cover what shows up on the dice. Example: if you roll 3 and 5, then you cover one 3 and one 5. And say you roll a 3 and a 5 and all your 5's are covered then you only get to cover one 3. And remember this is a cover All!! I hope this makes since.
Carman 27th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
Hi Linda
My residents take one turn each and they cross off one of the numbers for whatever they roll. It doesn't have to be a one first, just whatever they roll and there will come a time that they won't be able to cross something off because they have crossed off all of that one number but still need other numbers, Everyone will revamp a game to whatever works best for their residents.
Tamara 7th Dec 2021 Activities Manager
My residents are enjoying this new spin on one of their old favourites :)
Susan 9th Dec 2021 Activity Director
Talita 13th Dec 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Tamara!
Susan 30th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Sherry
Thank you for sharing this information
Sherry 29th Sep 2021 Activities Director
My Residents LOVE playing this game!! The only thing is when we played with one Die it took way to long with 8 plus people playing so we use 2 dice and it works out a lot better. With using 2 dice it only takes about 15 - 20 minutes to play 1 game. Farkle was their favorite game but now its Dice Bingo and they love winning prizes!!
Kristina 26th Aug 2021 Activity Director
This is mixing it up a bit. I am sure the residents are going to love playing with the dice but they don't mind playing with anything as long as there are prizes.
Talita 29th Aug 2021
Yes I love this idea too. Thanks for your feedback Kristina, I hope it goes down well!
Eileen 29th Aug 2021 PCTL-Respite Manager
Hi Kristina,
My clients are the same. They love playing normal Bingo and especially enjoy playing the reminiscing Bingo as well. The best part of this activity is when they win a prize. I'm going to try them on the new Dice Bingo and see how that goes with them.
Talita 24th Aug 2021
Thanks for sharing another great activity Carman!
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