Easter Bunny Baskets

Easter Bunny Baskets

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A lovely Easter craft activity!
This is one of many free activities.
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  • Cultural observance
  • Social opportunity


  • Construction paper (whatever colours you have handy)
  • Colourful paper for eyes, nose and tooth (I suggest black, red and white)
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Glue/hot glue
  • Shredded paper for filling
  • Things to decorate with: pencils, paint, cotton wool
  • Chocolate Easter eggs


  • Download baskets templates and trace onto construction paper
  • Before gluing baskets, ask participants to decorate them using coloured pencils, paint, cotton wool or any other decorations you have.
  • Glue the four sides of the baskets in the places indicated. You may have to use a paper clip after each side is glued to hold onto it long enough to dry.
  • Allow to dry for at least 10 minutes.
  • Trace bunny head, feet and feet attachments pnto construction paper
  • Use a black marker or black paper for eyes; red paper for nostril and white paper for single tooth. Decorate ears with a strip of coloured paper.
  • Glue head to the back of basket and attach carrot if you wish.
  • Glue feet and attachments to the front of basket.
  • Place paper or wood fill inside basket and arrange chocolate eggs on top.
  • Place on dinner tables on Easter Sunday.

Files included:

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Easter Basket

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Easter Bunny for Basket

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Adriana Van Duyvendyk 16th Apr 2019
Today is April 15th I received all your wonderful ideas for Easter for my seniors but it came Too Late. Love to have more time to plan get my resources together. Otherwise you are the best. I get so many wonderful ideas for my seniors
Talita 21st Apr 2019
Hi Adrianna, thanks for your email, sorry to hear that! You can always search through upcoming events in our calendar https://www.goldencarers.com/calendar/ All the best!
meredith 19th Feb 2016 Activity co ordinator
Made these one year and will do them this year ...residents loved the activity.
lot of fun- Thank you for great ideas . Meredith
Michelle 19th Feb 2016 RAO/AIN
I made these with my residents last Easter using paper plates. They worked out great and everyone loved them.
Maria 21st Mar 2012
Looks good & I'm sure will be loved
Solange 12th Mar 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Daniela - this should be working now, thanks for letting us know.
Daniela 12th Mar 2012 Lifestyle Worker
I have tired to download the easter basket and easter bunny for basket but I am unable to was just wondering if the was a problem with them.
Daniela Williams
No Avatar