Every wreath will be unique, reflecting the creativity of the person making it.

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Gina Dipierro 2nd Apr 2019
Lori -- if you want to color eggs with Dementia residents, try colored plastic eggs and let them put spring themed stickers on the eggs. When they are done, you can fill them with a little treat. You can try stickers with hard boiled eggs but depending on what level they are in their dementia, egg holding while decorating may be a challenge.
Lori 5th Feb 2018 Activity
How do you color Easter eggs without being too messy for all Dementia residents
Solange 10th Feb 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Lori, with dementia clients it would be better to cut off easter eggs from yellow construction paper. For decoration cut strips of colored paper and also cute pictures from magazines and old calendars. Dealing with glue is not as messy as paint.
Susan 14th Apr 2014 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator
We've been doing this activity too. To ring the changes we leave the circle complete and use scrunched up tissue paper to decorate the centre.
jane 9th Apr 2014 student/lifestyle and health
just renewed my membership and found this idea thanks guys, its such an invauable resource
Phillip 31st Mar 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
This is a great idea! And one that everyone can do!
Lorraine 23rd Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist
What a wonderful Idea. I am so glad I have joined your Golden Carers group. I had run out of Ideas.
So thanks. Newbie client. Lorraine
Rosalind 15th Mar 2014 Assistand D/T - AIN
Thanks for another great idea